Updated list of countries to enter the Republic of Cyprus

The Ministry of Health has published an updated list of countries whose citizens will be able to visit the island. The changes take effect from July 16. Australia moved from A to B, and Serbia moved from B to C.

Countries from group A: Canada, Greece, Poland, South Korea, Germany, New Zealand, Austria, Switzerland, Japan, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, the Baltic countries, Hungary, Finland, the island of Malta, Slovenia and Slovakia, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Countries from group B: Luxembourg, Australia, Georgia, Croatia, Monaco, Czech Republic, Romania, Netherlands, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Belgium, Uruguay, San Marino, Vatican, Italy and Andorra.

Passengers from Group B countries will need to pass the COVID 19 test at least 72 hours before flying to the island. At the border, they will be required to present a medical certificate that confirms a negative result for COVID 19. Residents, as well as citizens of the Republic of Cyprus, will be able to take tests for their money right in the airport building and wait for the test results there.

Regardless of the category of countries, all arrivals will need to issue an electronic Cyprus Flight Pass within 24 hours before arriving on the island. There will also be random tests for passengers from Group A countries.

Consul General of the Republic of Cyprus in St. Petersburg Dmitris Assos hopes that at the end of August air traffic will finally be restored. The newspaper "Delovoy Peterburg" published an article by the diplomat about Cyprus' readiness to completely lift restrictive measures. The country is now in the third stage of implementing a program to remove coronavirus restrictions. If the situation does not worsen in the near future, additional restrictions may be lifted. Russia is still in the category of countries C, but the Consul General of the Republic of Cyprus expects that the epidemiological situation in August will return to normal.