Investment in Cyprus property - income guarantee

Buying a villa, apartment or penthouse in Cyprus gives an opportunity not only to obtain a passport EU, save capital, but also make good money. This is a more profitable option than bank deposits and accounts. Investing in overseas property is a real way to get stable passive income.

Obtain a Cyprus passport many Russian investors who are planning to enter the European markets wish. The easiest way to achieve this is by investing in liquid Cyprus property in Limassol, Paphos or Larnaca.

European citizenship

It became possible to become a full-fledged citizen of the European Union thanks to the Cyprus State Investment Program. Its essence lies in the fact that you can buy a Cyprus passport by investing 2 million. euro into residential or commercial properties.

Naturalization is performed on an accelerated basis and takes only 6-9 months. As shown by the results of the investment program, Cypriot citizens are mainly businessmen who do not permanently reside in the EU. Obtaining a Cyprus passport opens up European markets for them and gives them freedom of movement around all over the world.

Rental income or resale of luxury properties in Cyprus

Every year more and more Russian citizens consider overseas property not only as a place for recreation or permanent residence, but also as an excellent investment tool capable of generating stable income every year.

Buying a house or apartment in Cyprus is promising and safe. Prices for elite Cypriot real estate are often much lower than in the Russian capital. Plus, the net rental income is higher than the mortgage rate. In order for investments in real estate in Cyprus to bring a stable income, it is necessary to calculate all potential risks.

By contacting your local real estate agencies, you can get information about the pitfalls and intricacies of Cyprus legislation in the field of real estate investment. Resortec Properties Ltd will help you select a suitable investment property and calculate an approximate potential return based on local realities.

The main advantages of investing in real estate in Cyprus:

  1. Comparatively low prices per square meter with a more developed infrastructure;
  2. The amount of income from renting real estate in Cyprus is higher than in Russia (on average 7% and 3%, respectively);
  3. You can diversify risks by purchasing several objects;
  4. Prices for houses and apartments in Cyprus are constantly growing due to the stable real estate market;
  5. Loyal attitude of the authorities of Cyprus to non-residents of the country;
  6. Minimum tax rates.

The managers of the company Resortec Properties will help you to assess the profitability of the acquired object, taking into account one-time and annual costs for buying a house or apartment in Cyprus.

As practice shows, almost all investments in real estate in Cyprus are profitable for investors. However, in order to select for the optimal object and minimize risks, it is better to turn to professionals from Resortec Properties.